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Our Vision

Bringing Life To Your Links

Turning your web experience into a knowledge source. We don’t just store links. We recreate neural experiences in front of you, mapping your knowledge onto your browser.

LinkSafe is useful for anyone using Internet, especially:

  • Professionals & Digital Entrepreneurs

  • Marketers, Content Creators, Coaches

  • Solopreneurs, Gig workers & Small Businesses

  • Anyone using Internet in private and professional life

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    Our Mission

    We turn your web experience into consumable and actionable knowledge.

    Our promise is to give life to your web experience. Our vision is to make the time spent on the web much more productive, enabling you to recall and retrieve information instantly. 

    Get in touch if you want to learn more.

    What Can You Do With LinkSafe

    We had a need. We looked around. We did not find one that fits all our needs. That's when we decided to build it ourselves. LinkSafe is our Bookmark manager, Source of knowledge, and our gateway to curated insights, all in one tool.

    Make LinkSafe Your Only Bookmark Manager

    Use LinkSafe to store the links to the webpages you use at home, or at work.

    Create categories to organize them in a meaningful way. Use tags, notes and descriptions to give them meaning and to access them quickly.

    Turn Websites To Sources of Your Knowledge

    Use the Categories, Tags, Description, and Notes, to create Knowledge from what you know.

    Access the information you need in a matter of seconds, instead of wondering for minutes where you have stored your knowledge.

    Discover New Sources of Curated Knowledge

    Use our well curated Broadcasts to learn about new tools, solutions, and insights.

    Store the broadcasts next to your own categories to access all your online knowledge from one single webpage. Save linksafe.io as your homepage.

    Who Can Benefit from LinkSafe

    LinkSafe has been designed to be easy to use and accessible to knowledge economy professionals, Being an online entrepreneur, a student, researcher, or an subject matter expert, you will find value in having all what you see, learn, and know accessible to you through one click and typing few letters.

    • Online Entrepreneurs - Consolidate your knowledge into one single tool accessible anywhere and from any device

    • Students & Researchers - Create a knowledge hub you can get back to over your whole study and in your future career

    • Experts & Professionals - Create a second brain for yourself from all the knowledge you have about what is out there

    Intuitive and Simple

    LinkSafe UI has been designed to be intuitive, not needing any learning on how to use it. It follows the modern and minimalistic design principles to put emphasis on your content.

    Ease of use

    You can find the different ways to add your links to LinkSafe, exactly where you expect them to be.

    • Simply Right Click on the webpage

    • Use the Browser Extension (Chrome, Edge, Safari)

    • Use Add to LinkSafe button

    • Import your existing bookmarks

    Built-in Intelligence

    LinkSafe populates website title, address (url), description, and favicon automatically, when you add a link to it. You can however modify all information and favicon to whatever you like.

    Give context to your links by adding tags, notes, and descriptions. Search for your links using any of these information. Turn your links to a knowledge source that you use again and again.

    Organized Categories

    Using categories, you can organize your links under different groups. You hide categories you do not use often, instead of deleting them, if you wish to use them again in future.

    • View / Hide Categories

    • Edit / Modify Categories

    • Manage Categories

    Tags for Instant Access

    Using Tags, gives you unlimited possibilities to shape your LinkSafe bookmarks into a real knowledge source. Some of the ideas for tags include:

    • Work, Personal, Public Transport

    • Useful tools, Free, Read Later

    • US, Europe, China, Global


    We constantly scout the Internet for useful websites and tools for different domains. You can access our curated links and knowledge-base for various domains by adding our broadcasted categories to your LinkSafe account.

    • Curated knowledge-base

    • Choose your domain of interest

    • Use broadcasts next to your categories seamlessly

    Smart Search

    LinkSafe uses a smart search functionality enabling you to search for what you have once stored and forgotten about. It uses Website Title, Address (URL), Category, Notes, Tags, and Description to find what you are searching for. 

    • Search for any keyword

    • Find your link instantly

    • Tap into the knowledge from broadcasts 

    • Get AI-enabled smart suggestions (to come)

    Plug In

    Use LinkSafe Plugin to access your knowledge base with a single click on your browser. Search all of your knowledge base, and Add New Links right from where you are.

    • Access your knowledge-base

    • Add points of interest

    • Stay where you are

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    Integrated Search

    LinkSafe integrated search provides you with answers to your regular searches on Google with knowledge from your own personal LinkSafe account, LinkSafe broadcasts, as well as Google itself.

    • Search for anything on Google

    • See if you already know about it

    • Get useful related links from broadcasts 

    • See all this seamlessly in your Google search results

    Download for your own borwser

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    S. Maralani

    K. Venkitesh